Instructions Page

How to make the Triangle Carogi Bag Step 1

1. Hold the bag square unsnapped.

How to make the Triangle Carogi Bag Step 2

2. Stretch apart the strap ring and snap tab.

How to make the Triangle Cargoi Bag
How to make the Triangle Carogi Bag Step 3

3. Snap the top closure snaps.

How to make the Triangle Carogi Bag Step 4

4. Fold bag to the right and snap the tabs.

how to wear a shoulder bag

Shoulder Bag

Can be worn on either shoulder, in front or in back, by snapping the end of the strap to one of the bottom rings.

how to wear a triangle backpack

Triangle Back Pack

Attach the second strap, found inside the bag, by snapping the end that has two snaps to the top ring, and the end that has 4 adjustment snaps to the bottom ring. This allows for same size adjustment on both straps.

how to wear a square backpack

Square Backpack

Attachment straps stay the same as the triangle back pack. Open the bag and align snaps to create a square. Put the center tab through the top ring and snap to the back side.

how to wear a messenger backpack

Messenger Bag

Make the triangle Carogi Bag. Unsnap the permanent strap on the bag. Take the extra strap and align the ends of it with the 4 snaps, to make one long rap. Attach the bottom of the long strap to either of the bottom rings. Move snaps up or down according to desired length.

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