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"I purchased my bag from you in NYC back in 2001...I LOVE this bag.  I use it often and it still looks great.  Thanks so much for making such a quality item." -- Tami

"Wow!  It's gorgeous!! We received the bag yesterday and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  Thanks so much." -- S. Rogers

"What a unique and useful product.  LOVE IT."

 "I bought mine at the Contemporary Crafts Show in Santa Monica in June of this year and have been using it non-stop ever since. It's in beautiful earth tones: Tans, reds, orange and blue. I use it as a bag for everyday use, but also as a camera bag and convert it to a backpack when I go walking or hiking (I'm liking that usage more and more). I still have two Carogi's that I bought in Santa Fe, New Mexico, years ago and they are in great shape and look really good. Thank you." -- Chris Oshima

"I am so impressed by your customer service! My bag is here and I love it!" -- Elaine Mauceli

"I have what must be one of your original bags! It is still my favorite bag that I love, love, love!!! I had purchased it at a craft fair in New Jersey in 1990 or there about! It is still in perfect condition, the fabric is not worn at all...Over the years, I have bought a few of your bags as presents, which have become favorite gifts, too. Recently, I let my teen daughter use it while she was on a trip. I have to tell you I had a hard time getting it back from her. Now that she is getting ready for college, she wants a bag of her own. So, I am so glad to have found you again...I never write to companies, but I feel your product is of superior quality. I just wanted to thank you for years of pleasure using this stylishly unique yet unbelievably functional bag." -- Cory Santiago

"Hello!  I bought one of your very first bags a million years ago in Arizona.  I had no idea you still did this until I saw a woman with a beautiful bag like mine here in Washington, DC, on a trip...I love it so much I want another.  Thank you for making a bag that is both functional and beautiful!!!!!" -- D. Papoulias

"Love my Carogi bag -- I bought it at an art fair in Ft. Lauderdale several years ago and have used it in every possible way.  We travel on a sailboat for 7 months each year, so this bag has seen some interesting places.  It's a rugged backpack in the dinghy, on my fold-out bicycle and hiking through jungles.  I transform it to an evening bag at night when we go into fancy ports and nice restaurants.  Looks great with little black dresses!...Thanks for a great product." -- S. Taylor

"When I saw your new belt pouch combination sling bag at the Fourth Avenue Fair, my first thought was 'I can carry my new Blackberry Playbook in it.'  I was quite concerned, but everything fit:  My Blackberry, the Playbook, a pair of earplugs and my charger.  My credit card case and passport fit securely in the zippered section.  The Belt Pouch took all the weight off my shoulders.  I just love the design.  I also own a Carogi backpack which I take with me all the time.  As a business traveler I find this to be a safe way to secure my tablet when attending major tradeshows.  Thanks again for such a great design." - J. Drucker

"I bought my Carogi bag years ago at the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, AZ.  Probably in the 80's or early 90's.  It has moved from Arizona to Colorado and now back to Arizona with me.  Of all the bags I've used over the years and discarded along the way, this is the bag I have kept and still use.  I love it so much!  I just pulled it out of a box after our move back to Arizona and decided it was my bag of choice again...Just thought I would let you know how much I love my Carogi bag!" - J. Patrick

"This is my 4th Carogi bag.  I love them!" - S. Harper

"Along with all of your other reviewers I LOVE my Carogi bags.  I purchased the first one from you in the lobby of a very nice Hotel in Santa Fe, NM, while on a business trip in about 1996-98.  I looked at your very unique bag and one of them caught my eye.  However, I did not purchase it at first.  I walked around the corner and stopped.  It was one of those things where you know you will be sorry if you miss this opportunity.  I bought your bag and have never regretted it for one moment.  It has gone with me on many adventures both in the US and abroad.  I have since purchased two more.  Recently a friend showed up with a very stylish bag that I immediately recognized as a Carogi.  We were so excited to discover that we both had them and our bags generated a lot of interest from the other ladies present.  I have sent them your website so I hope they will be impressed, as I am, and will soon own one of your ingenious bags.  Thanks for being so creative!" - M. Burgess

"Love these bags - this will be my 9th and 10th ones in 20 years!  Last forever, carry everything, can wear as a backpack when doing long shopping trips...So glad I can find them online." - B. Karberg

"Omigod, they're beautiful! They were just delivered today, and I want to keep them all, but they are earmarked for my daughters-in-law and my best friend since kindergarten for her 60th birthday. The insert card is a nice touch. Thank you so much. I am very, very please with my purchase." - J. Mankiewicz

"Thank you for sending my new strap so promptly! I love being able to make my bag into a backpack. I bought the bag several years ago at a thrift store and haven't known all the capabilities of it! I bought it at the time because it was so unique, and I love the tapestry, and it is still in excellent condition! I will now get a lot more use out of it with the 2nd strap. I have a 28-year-old son in a wheel chair, and a lot of the time I use a backpack purse and put it over the back handles when I need to push him. Thank you for making such an excellent bag." - D. Shelmidine

"When I received your beautiful creation, I hugged it ever so tightly and jumped for joy. I LOVE MY NEW CAROGI!! Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. All my precious Carogi's have been a part of me for 30 - 40 years now...They have been with me around the world. Next stop...the South Pacific." - R. Haluschak

"The bag arrived today, and it is absolutely beautiful...I will cherish it as I have ALL of the bags I've purchased from you over the last 30 years." - S. Foster

"Just wanted to let you know I received my purse (and extra strap) just a bit ago. Thank you for your VERY fast service and beautiful craftsmanship!!!! Love your work!" - J. Omalansky

"I am a little more than excited to have just received my first Carogi as a gift from my cousin. I have only had it a few days and it has already become my favorite. Being in and out of the office a number of times each day, it makes it easy to take what is needed and still look professional." - K. Marinelli

"I have had my brown leather bag for three years and couldn't be happier. I have spilled about 100 Diet Cokes inside it, melted chocolate in it, carried it everywhere and every day for three years. It's super convenient because of its flexibility." - Jennifer

"I have had your bag since 1990. I bought it at the boat show in Miami on Collins Ave. Have used it and still use it. Decided to google you and see that you have all these beautiful materials still true to the style. I have a striped fabric bag but will now buy a leather or one of your other bags. The most versatile, useful bag I have ever bought. Thank you for still being around. It is so nice to find quality still here." - Caryl B.